Apluspallets 2-Way Heavy Duty Rail Open Bottom Aluminum Pallet

Our aluminum pallets are the perfect solution for storage and warehouse needs. Our 2 way heavy duty rail open bottom design is for general heavy duty applications.  Aluminum requires virtually no maintenance and is easily cleaned.   Aluminum pallets last for years and can withstand extremes in temperatures. All of our aluminum pallets are lightweight, durable, repairable, fireproof and recyclable. Our plant can customize this design and others to fit your needs.

Aluminum last for decades and offers a better R.O.I. than other materials on the market today.
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Heavy Duty Rail Open Bottom Aluminum Pallet

Made in the USA

Model #    

L x W x H






Truck load


    100PLA827-A 40"x48"x5.5" 57 lbs        
    100PLA956-A 42"x48"x5.5" 59 Lbs        
    100PLA957-A 48"x48"x5.5" 64 Lbs        

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* Custom sizes are available, 4 way cut outs optional added cost. !

Optional sealed welds ,contact us for a quote with New P/N 

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Price quotes are  without freight and is subject to change without notice due to metal cost.     12/19