Apluspallets Aluminum Lightweight Pallets

This selection of pallets includes our lightweight pallets that range in weight from 34 - 46 lbs. and are used for light duty applications. To see a full list of our pallets look on the Product Page.

 Aluminum requires virtually no maintenance and is easily cleaned.   Aluminum pallets last for years and can withstand extremes in temperatures. All our aluminum pallets are lightweight, durable, repairable, fireproof and recyclable. Our plant can customize this design and others to fit your needs.

Aluminum last for decades and offers a better R.O.I. than other materials on the market today.
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2-Way Lightweight Channel Open Bottom Aluminum Pallet

Fully Nestable 4-Way Entry
with Standard Deck


2-Way Lightweight Economy Aluminum Pallet

2-Way Lightweight Slatted
Aluminum Pallet







4 Way Big Block Open Bottom Aluminum Pallet

4-Way Big Block Open Bottom
Aluminum Pallet


4-Way MD - 2 Runner
Block Aluminum Pallet




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