The Beauty of Aluminum Pallets is more than skin deep!

Our aluminum pallets are the perfect solution for your shipping, storage, and warehouse needs. Aluminum pallets will not rust, rot, warp, or burn, therefore giving you a better return on your investment. Also, because of the fireproof quality of our aluminum pallets, they may help lower your insurance rates.  Aluminum pallets are stronger than other materials now being used such as wood or plastic. Our Aluminum pallets will reduce your product damage and they are lighter than some wood or other metal pallets therefore reducing shipping cost.

   Aluminum is truly the new shade of Green!

Many aluminum pallets are stackable for space-saving efficiency. Aluminum requires virtually no maintenance, lasts for years and can withstand extremes in temperatures. That makes aluminum pallets ideally suited for closed-loop and automated retrieval systems. Our aluminum pallets are lightweight, durable, repairable, and they are 100% recyclable. Long life and low maintenance costs make Apluspallets the lowest price option.

Apluspallets can customize your aluminum pallet to meet specific material handling needs and exact specifications. No custom-mold costs. Custom  pallets without the high cost that others charge. We also offer a variety of services including leasing programs. Contact us today for more information.

Aluminum - the lightweight shipping and storage solution - lasts for decades, making them a better return on investment than any other material in the industry.

See some of our New Aluminum Pallets


Standard 4-Way Entry Block, Tapered at Top and Bottom
This aluminum pallet is used for
Medium Duty applications. more info here.....

4 Way / 3 Runner / MD Block Aluminum Pallet
This aluminum pallet is used for
Medium Duty applications. more info here....

Fully Nestable 4-Way Entry with Standard Deck
This aluminum pallet is used for
Medium Duty applications. more info here.....



Aluminum Pallets - Aluminum Pallet

Aluminum Pallets are perfect for Food Service Industries,
Oil Industries,
Agricultural Industries and Chemical Industries.

Aluminum pallets are a sanitary option and are not at risk for bacterial contamination. Aluminum pallets are also far less susceptible to mold than pallets made from other
porous materials.

Aluminum Pallets are the pallets of the future for a cleaner environment and less expensive
way to ship and store your products safely. Call Today and let Apluspallets customize your
new aluminum pallets for your peace of mind and inexpensive solution


Standard Aluminum Pallet Designs


Custom Aluminum Pallet Designs

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